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Providing our skin with the healthy products it needs to succeed can be a challenging task in the best of times. With the beauty and skincare industry constantly creating new products, it can be hard to keep up with what works.


That's why the team at Faceoff Skincare likes to keep things simple by offering cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products that are brimming with ingredients we can pronounce and improvements that we can see in the mirror.


What does vegan skincare mean?

Vegan skin care products are not produced from an animal or an animal byproduct.

Let's take some time to outline the key benefits that come with a vegan silicone mask from Faceoff Skincare!

Why Should I Try a Vegan Mask?

It doesn't take much research to discover that vegan masks have become one of the most revered and sought after skincare products in the industry. Easy to apply and fun to wear, these masks provide instant nourishing benefits right when we need them the most.

A Vegan silicone mask featuring ingredients such as hemp seed oil, aloe vera, and vitamin C can provide direct advantages to our skin that many other masks might not.


At Faceoff Skincare, the careful compound formulation has led to one of the best vegan facemask products on the market. Let's take a moment to highlight the key advantages of silicon masks by Faceoff Skincare.

  • Detox — After applying the vegan silicone mask from Faceoff Skincare, enjoy detoxing benefits as the mask works to pull impurities, pollutants, and toxins from the skin.

  • Invigorate — Regenerate skin cells while stimulating key cell production to invigorate our skin with vegan ingredients. Pigmentation clusters will be gently removed at this point.

  • Brighten & Refine — The key brightening ingredients in Faceoff Skincare's vegan facemask helps to fight and prevent free radical damage while creating a shield to defend our skin.


Faceoff Skincare is excited to offer fast delivery, free shipping to Australia, and affordable Discounts.


Start shopping today for the ultimate vegan facemask!